Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unthinkable solutions to today's problems

One of the delights of science fiction romance is that you can be as politically incorrect as you please in an alien world.

I wonder how many truly outrageous --but clever-- suggestions like this are floating around waiting to be brought to life in a fantasy novel. (This was not my idea.)

Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners. Have a booth that you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you.


  1. Actually, the thinking process by which one arrives at such solutions to problems is exactly the process needed to do expert worldbuilding.

    And yes, summary justice like that does have a certain appeal.

  2. Jacqueline, I knew there was a reason to cherish my copy of Niccolo Machiavelli's Il Principe.


  3. Oh, yes, indeed! We don't make this stuff up. We inherit it.