Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 28th and end of month deadlines

I've just, by the skin of my teeth (horrible image) set up my Authors' Guild website or

This weekend, my funny interview on The Authors Show is being replayed... which is totally off topic, although I do attempt to define futuristic romance for radio host Don MacCauley.

I'm currently involved with copyright issues especially on GoodReads and Facebook. On Tuesday my Crazy Tuesday radio show will officially launch "Authors Without A Yacht" (a reference to the fact that most authors whose books are pirated are not excessively wealthy) with a two-hour chat with literary agent Richard Curtis, Brenna Lyons, Carly Carson and Marilynn Byerly.

However, I had the very good fortune to obtain Ann Wilkes's permission to repost her blog about men and SF writing for Sunday.

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