Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not with a moose... nor with a rabbit, I think

If you have a mind like mine, perhaps you are always wondering how far you'd want to push the romantic envelope in real life, and what you think your editor might swallow in your fiction.

Things happen. I'm sure a lot of us see and process random items in the news or on the net, and come up with similar ideas.

This week, I clicked a couple of different links that took me to YouTube. I lie. I clicked a lot, because friends on (do befriend me!) posted links to two of my favorite musician groups: Queen and The Doors.

I digress.

One link took me to Survivorman, Les Stroud (who was verisimilitude consultant for my alien romance, Insufficient Mating Material) talking about one of his most scary real life adventures. In the rutting season, he made the sounds of a romantic lady moose, and a very determined male moose pursued him relentlessly. I suppose moose operate on the "if it quacks like a duck" theory. Either that, or he was furious with Les Stroud for being a blatant moose teaser.

Another link took me to a pastiche of funny cats. (One image was not funny, so I'm not posting the link.) A male rabbit stalking, and then attempting to hump an outraged ginger cat was.

The cats I grew up loving were rabbit killers! That adds an extra element of piquancy, and I suppose that's why Vampire Killers falling in love with Vampires is such fun.

So... as I was chopping onions for dinner, I began to wonder (not for the first time) if I were a mythical Greek maiden, how would I really feel if the most powerful and over-sexed god in the Pantheon charged up to me in the guise of a bull, or as a really big swan, and was determined to have his way with me?

Having watched the latest Merrill Lynch ad. I have to think that a bull would have practical difficulties if the maiden didn't want to cooperate. I don't think it would make a good romance for me to write. Could be a comedy. Would not have a traditional happy ending.

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Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry


  1. Enjoying mythology as much as I do, I have an opinion about Zeus. Unfortunately, it's inappropriate to express it on the Internet! Let's just say I think Demeter should have kicked his a... Nevermind. Must go back to being a sweet homemaker now.

  2. Demeter, Danae -- that shower of gold really creeps me out!-- Io (who was turned into a cow and left that way), Europa, Leda.

    I just have to wonder why his wife, Hera, thought it would make any difference to Zeus if she did cruel and horrible things to punish his victims.

    Kimber, can you think of any stories at all where Zeus got rejected emphatically?

    Now, as I recall, Zeus was the son, I think of Kronos, who castrated his father Uranus for insisting on fooling around.