Sunday, March 16, 2008

To kiss or not to kiss

The Inuit (I hope I've got the politically correct name) and small babies rub noses and seem very happy with that.

Nuzzling and the rubbing together of bodies works for animals.

Considerate boyfriends who have infectious upper-respiratory illnesses but still wish to have sex may refrain from kissing their partners... and misunderstandings may arise from that omission.

So, how important is a lip-lock? Do we need it, anyway, if we are writing a romance? Can one write a successful alien romance without a kiss?

Rowena Cherry


  1. If that was not a retorical question then I would like to answer :D
    The answer in my opinion is that yes it it's written well a romance can be doen without kissing. Especially if there is a good alien reason not to kiss (cultural maybe?)

  2. Dear Ilona,

    Yes, it was not a rhetorical question and I thank you for the feedback.

    I can imagine some anatomical reasons for not kissing, too, such as size or location of the tongue...

    Fairy tales notwithstanding, French kissing a frog would probably not be appealing, and I daresay the wicked witches would have known that.

    I think I remember a Judi Dench sit com called "A Fine Romance (with no kissing)"


  3. Seems to me nuzzling not kissing could be even sexier because it would be unexpected and add tension to a scene.

    As to not passing a cold on to your sig other by not kissing. I think by the time you've had a cold long enough to feel well enough to want to cuddle again, it's way to late to worry about passing it on.