Friday, March 14, 2008

Currently Reading

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. This is a heavy time of year at the day job. I've recently been reading the Coyote Jones novels by Suzette Haden Elgin, in an omnibus of all three books called COMMUNIPATH WORLDS. The first novel, THE COMMUNIPATHS, is available for free here (with a donation option):

Although most human beings in this distant future have at least a trace of "psibility" of some kind, the Communipaths are incredibly powerful telepaths who make interstellar society possible by sending messages instantaneously over vast distances. The iconoclastic Coyote Jones, a uniquely powerful projective telepath but with very little capacity to receive telepathy, carries out delicate missions for the galactic government. Each novel introduces us to the culture of a different planet. In the first book, for example, Coyote has the assignment of retrieving a rogue telepath whose transmissions are disrupting galactic communication. She turns out to be a baby under a year old living in a religious commune. When she is forcibly taken to be trained as a Communipath, her mother, who also has extremely strong psi powers, is determined to get her back. If you read the first novel online and enjoy it, you can find used copies of the trilogy for sale (it's out of print).

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