Saturday, November 25, 2006

Life in the real world

I know I've missed some of my days. My only excuse is the holidays are upon us. With several deadlines such as books, getting the house decorated, getting my invitations for my party out, decorating my mother's house I've just been too frazzled to concentrate on anything at all.

But as my mind searches for conventient ways to do the decorating, such as wouldn't it be nice if your tree could just pop up out of the floor fully decorated? I've wondered...will our Christmas traditions survive into the future? You read historicals all the time with Christmas scenes (Let me recommend my own Windfall) but are there ever any holiday celebrations in our futuristics? Anyone ever read a book about a futuristic Christmas?

As our civilization moves out into space the Christmas story will go with it. But it will be interesting to see what the celebration will become.

Ideas anyone?


  1. Oh, absolutely! We'll always have Christmas. One of the poignant moments in the novel I'm currently querying around is the heroine stuck on an alien planet at Christmastime, missing Jose arguing with Chef Bot (half Jewish, half Intari) about singing 'Felis Navidad' over and over while decorating a Christmas tree in the Mess Hall on her home starship, and not supposing Santa Claus will find her. My simple thought is that including little things like this brings more humanity to our futuristics. I think this is important because of all the aliens and high-tech hardware and the fact that our readers are all human. As far as I know...

  2. P.S. Your books are next on TBR list. ;)

  3. Cindy!

    My dh watches a lot of fantasy homes programs on TV. Apparently, there are homes where the fully decorated Christmas tree has its own closet where it spents 11 months of the year, and is rolled out, presumably on "moving men" for the 12 month !!!!!


  4. Thnaks Kimber, I hope you like Shooting Star. And your story sounds great!

    And about that rolling Christmas Tree. The dh and I fixed up our basement this weekend for a party and put the tree on a rolling plant stand so we could roll it into storage! Yay us! One less thing to do next year.