Sunday, November 19, 2006

Insufficient Mating Material--embarrassing things to ask dignified people

Reviews are starting to come in for Insufficient Mating Material, and --much too late-- I'm having visions of readers sidling up to librarians and whispering "Do you have Insufficient Mating Material?"

I never thought of that before. My grandfather, who was mischievous, used to amuse himself by tapping the Fish menu and asking impassive-faced waiters slightly ungrammatical questions that involved the words "are soles?"

No doubt my Grandpa would have taken great delight in choosing his victim, and demanding my book in the most inappropriate wording possible.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

Utterly enthralling

A year ago Tarrant-Arragon wouldn’t believe he was going to set his sister up… I loved this book, and I know Insufficient Mating Material is a book you will not want to miss either.~ Rose,

What is it like, exactly, when two gods go head to head?

Stellar wit, wonderful characters and amazing research into basic and not so basic survival techniques make for a very real and relatable
environment for the prince and princess. This was without a doubt one
of my favorite reads of 2006! ~ Kenda Montgomery

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