Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Invective and Elimination -- soooo Romantic


The last two posts here are very typical of what writers in general spend their time thinking about -- invective (or anthropology and linguistics) and Elimination (or The Five Life Functions that define what is alive and what is not).

But what's that got to do with Romance, alien or otherwise?

Ah, but what is romance?

Do you suppose Romance is the 6th "Life Function" -- that all living things (even retro-viruses) do something during sex (or asexual reproduction) that pertains more to the spiritual dimension that the physical?

In fact, would anyone agree that Romance has nothing to do with sex?

It might be postulated that in many ways, Romance has little if anything to do with Relationship. It's possible to be catapulted into the state called "In Love" without the other person responding in kind. Being "In Love" (receptive to Romance) is a very personal thing, not necessarily shared.

I think on this blog we call an Alien Romance blog, we haven't paused in our headlong discussion to define ROMANCE, nevermind alien.

So what exactly is Romance?

Is it perhaps a state of mind in which an individual is capable of putting aside their personal, ego-centered individuality, blurring or softening the shell around "self" and joining with "other" and through "other" joining with the whole universe? Is "Romance" the joining with the Ineffable?

Is Romance a spiritual state or process in which a higher union is possible - a kind of union which actually isn't very functional in our everyday reality (people "in love" aren't usually very productive at work) - a kind of union which feeds the spirit rather than the body?

And if the spirit is a thing that needs "feeding" -- (i.e. participates in the Life Function called Nutrition) - is it possible that feeding the spirit is as necessary for the continuance of Life as the other 5 "Life Functions"?

We say that when we die, the spirit leaves the body.

What happens when the spirit dies?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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