Saturday, February 25, 2023

This And That

I am not going to talk about pronouns! However, that is what "this" and "that" can be, depending on the context. They can also be adjectives, demonstrative pronouns, adverbs, or even definitive articles.

The latter is new to me. I always thought that the definitive article is "the", and an indefinite article is "a" or "an". One is never to old to learn...

I am using "this and that" in the context of a rag bagragbag or gallimaufry. Americans might more readily term it a grab bag.

Angela Hoy of Writers Weekly is always a source of great info. Her newsletter is free. Among the gems are some marketing tips from Kathleen Krueger for authors who are active on Facebook. 

An online news site with a name that is often pronounced as if it were spelled "epic" shared an article about a particular brand Takata air bags which have a 50% chance of blowing up in your face and a link to the excellent NHTSA site where you can type in your own VIN and find out instantly is your own vehicle is subject to a recall,

The Copyright Alliance has an event that may be of interest to anyone concerned (or thrilled) about AI.

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies continues to alter and impact creators' lives everywhere—and the film and video community is no exception. As these technologies develop, consequential copyright and ethical issues surround the training and use of these AI systems, their impact on copyrighted works, and how creators and filmmakers use AI in their own creations. Presented by the DC Independent Film FestivalWashington Lawyers for the Arts (WALA), and the Copyright Alliance, join our panelists on Saturday, March 4, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET at Landmark E Street Theatre in Washington, DC, as they discuss copyright issues in AI and the implications for the film and video industry. For more information, to submit questions in advance, and to register, please click here.

"Here" being:

The Authors Guild has a membership boosting campaign. They are offering new members $20 off their first year's subscription.... if they take up a referral from a friend.

That is my custom link, and if anyone uses it, they will get $20 off, and I will receive a $20 credit when I renew. An Authors Guild membership costs $135 a year (as of my last renewal in October 2022).

Also, for authors who need Tax Tips and are not slammed for time on Monday February 27th (like MONDAY!) at 2;00pm Eastern, there is a webinar on Zoom.

One has to register, but there is a place to check on the registration form to say whether or not you are an Authors Guild member, so maybe non-members may register.

Finally for today's gallimaufry, there's something else about which to think concerning AI, and that is audiobooks. AI could doom voice talent.

The Trichordist discusses:

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Rowena Cherry 

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