Saturday, September 24, 2022

T.O.U. for You

Do you know the saying, "It's illegal, it's immoral, or it makes you fat"? Terms of use are absolutely none of that.  They're a long way from sexy, and tend to be boring, long, and hard to read.

They might even be larded with Latin. For a brief and entertaining guide to lawyers' favorite Latin legalese, see an article by legal blogger Deborah Stehr.

Terms are far from illegal. They are a binding legal contract, regardless of whether you read them, and in case of a dispute, you are legally presumed to have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and Conditions by virtue of your use of the site. 

What other contracts in life to you sign on to without reading?  A prenup? Maybe that one, because the alternative is real and immediate disappointment... but I don't recommend not reading a prenup.

Legal blogger Brian Heller of Outside GC LLC's On-Demand Insights blog gives 8 persuasive and well-reasoned arguments for why a website owner needs to take the time to write up some TOU.

For any writer who runs a blog, let alone a website, this is important information, especially the first reason, which is the only one of eight that I will quote in the belief that one out of eight quotes and a couple of paragraphs of additional text may be fair use. 

"Protect your intellectual property so others cannot copy software, content or data from your website/app without your permission."

Brian Heller cautions potential clients and copyright enthusiasts to avoid cutting and pasting other bloggers and other n businesses' Terms, and he offers contact information for anyone who might need help or expert advice.

But surely, one might well think, we don't need T.O.U. for a Blogspot blog, or for a blog hosted on a rival site. The Legal Research Team at Termsfeed offer really great tips (but not a substitute for legal advice) for anyone who decides that they need to add T.O.U. to a Blogger/Blogspot blog

Bookmark it. Set aside a rainy day, and do it.

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