Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Day

Happy American Thanksgiving!

I recently watched a fascinating episode of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on PBS, about the Pilgrims' early years in Massachusetts, very enlightening in contrast to the simple narrative we were exposed to in elementary school. You can rent it to watch on Amazon Prime Video:

American Experience: The Pilgrims

On the opposite end of the Thanksgiving seriousness spectrum, of course there's the Charlie Brown special, celebrating all the familiar tropes from black hats with buckles to the courtship of Priscilla Alden. In the final scene, when they sing "Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House," Charlie Brown remarks that his grandma lives in a condo. When I was a kid, we stayed home for Thanksgiving but went to my grandmother's every year for Christmas day dinner. We rode in a car, of course, not a sleigh, and in our case the route went "along the highway and through the older neighborhoods of the city."

If you aren't familiar with Art Buchwald's hilarious column about explaining Thanksgiving to the French, which was reprinted annually for many years, take a look:

Explaining Thanksgiving to the French

As usual, ChessieCon will occur on Thanksgiving weekend. They planned on a live convention, but they lost their hotel (taken over as a quarantine facility) and couldn't arrange a new one in time. So, like last year's, this year's con will be strictly online. I'll report on it next week. They did a great job in 2020, so I trust this virtual con will be entertaining, too.

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