Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Devil And The Details

With apologies to Mies Van Der Rohe for the misquote....

Take "The Devil And The Details" however you see fit, but it always comes down to the biggest bros on the block finding weaselly ways to screw as many writers and other artists in as many ways as possible.

Guest blogging for, Chris Castle identifies some devil toads (devil is my word) crawling out from under rocks to turn the Music Modernization Act into another way to rip off the little guy by allowing the use of other people's money (OPM), in this case, the obscure little guys' rightful royalties, to pay for the costs of the program and perhaps the large living of the unaccountable administrators.

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MLC stands for "Mechanical Licensing Collective."

What can happen to songwriters and musicians, can happen to authors. All it takes is some accidental-on-purpose typos in a registry. If it is to someone's advantage to not be able to locate the artist to whom they ought to be paying royalties, will that exploiter of other people's music do their level best to locate that musician?


Probably predictably, the EFF is defending rampant piracy, and figuratively "knocking over" authors who cannot afford to defend their copyrights in federal courts.

For more on the "open library" from Chris Castle:

Meanwhile, speaking for itself, the EFF gives a brief guide for peaceful protestors on how to avoid being identified and detected while going about their lawful exercise of their First Amendment rights, and EFF offers non-sinister and innocent explanations for why their cell phones might not work during mass gathering situations.

Finally, for those who have heard of ransomware but not stalkerware, there is a TED talk on stalkerware, including the premise that access to your cell phone is --apparently-- the next best thing to full access to your mind.

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