Sunday, October 27, 2019

HR 2426 Passes House, Held Up In Senate By Ron Wyden and Rand Paul

"A right without remedy is no right at all..." Mary Rasenberger.

410 members of the House of Representatives agreed. 6 did not.  Apparently the median income of full-time authors is $20,300 a year. Who among them can afford a federal law suit costing over $400,000?  Who could take on Amazon or EBay or Google or Apple or a publisher?

Thanks to all authors and creators and friends of authors and creators who wrote to their Representatives. For anyone with access to Rand Paul's ear, it is time to bend it.

For authors who still use Yahoo groups, Yahoo will not be storing files for much longer. Many authors groups are moving to io. There are limits on storage for the free option on io, but limited storage is better than no storage.

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A really good blog to follow, for those who do not know, is Victoria Strauss's Writer Beware.

Here's an older link to the site (but a goodie), from which you can access all warnings.

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