Sunday, October 20, 2019

CASE Act Vote is in the House Tuesday Oct 22nd

The Authors Guild is asking all interested individuals to contact their Representatives with a message as simple as "I support authors' rights, please vote for the CASE Act HR 2426".

To find your representative, reply to one of their emails to you, or go to

You may get the run around, but persist. You may have to enter your address more than once, and depending on your email address, you might have to enter that more than once, also.

Once you are on your home State, click to find Representatives (not Senators this time). Then, find the right Rep for your district by re-entering your home address, unless you know who your Rep is and which is your District. Click on their photo for a link to their website, when you can enter your address again to prove that you are a constituent, and you should be able to offer your opinion on how they should vote on the CASE Act.

You can be sure that the copyright infringement profiteers will be lobbying heavily to make sure small copyright owners cannot afford to enforce their rights.

Thank you,

Rowena Cherry

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