Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Dirty Cloud and the Environmental Cost Of Piracy

Everyone who seems to matter decries fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas. nuclear), but not a lot of mention is made of what is used to generate the electricity that powers those clean electric cars, and that powers those data centers.

It's estimated that, if a certain data center emits 8 grams of carbon dioxide per "active" user per day, that might mean that a tech titan emits 8 billion grams of carbon dioxide every day.

That --allegedly-- is 9,000 tonnes per day, or well over 3 million tonnes per year of excess carbon dioxide.
A "normal" internet user is defined as someone who watches sixty minutes worth per day of user-generated content (aka often pirated) on a certain tubey site, carries out twenty-five searches per day, and uses a proprietary email account.
Greenpeace has information about the dirty cloud.

Facebook and Twitter appear to be the dirtiest   (see page 7 of 38); Greenpeace awards Twitter straight Fs.

According to an article published on IP lawfirm Dilworth's site, sea levels have risen 8 inches over the last hundred years, and carbon dioxide levels have risen from approximately 300 ppm in 1950 to approximately 400 ppm in late 2018.
Data centers allegedly use 140 billion kilowatt hours per year, and are powered by 51 coal plants.

Maybe, "information" isn't "free" after all.

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