Saturday, January 05, 2019

Beware Body Language... And Easy Gifting

Pundits on news and opinion networks seem particularly fond of analysing the body language of British royal family members, and of Prime Minister Theresa May as she shakes hands or has her forearm seized by powerful European politicians, and of President Trump and those with whom he meets in front of the cameras.

Who has the upper hand? Who is lying? Who is passively aggressive? Who is sending off subtle signals? This is all good stuff to fill a five minute TV segment, and it is also wonderful material to weave subtly into our romance stories to show (not tell).

For the Persuasive Litigator blog, Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm blogs on behalf of the law firm Holland & Hart LLP about reading too much into body language. It's so good, this writer is bookmarking it. One would not want to perpetuate the occasional canard.

If the above-mentioned website asks you to create an account and log in, please look for the textlink to "read the original".

Here is a link to the original:

Maybe a very long tie is the sartorial equivalent of a diminutive man driving a Ferrari. And maybe it isn't!

Angela Hoy has compiled a fascinating list of whispers and warnings for followers of Writers Weekly.

For those who have not yet used their supermarket-bought Christmas gift cards, there is a particular matter of concern.

And now, this writer has a plane to catch.

Happy New Year!

Rowena Cherry

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