Sunday, June 03, 2018

Only The Loneliest....

... know how to erase their digital footprints.

The anonymous people at Final Prepper have some fine advice on disappearing, deceiving (which might really mess up those who like to target their advertising!) and hiding behind free extensions.

For those wondering whether or not they can exploit someone else's works, for instance (my instance and harking back to the Final Prepper advice), if Facebook suggests to them that an author is 113 years old, and an EBay seller falsely tells them that a collection of ebooks by living authors is "public domained", they might enjoy "Copyright Term: When Does A Work Enter The Public Domain?" by  legal blogger J. Dustin Howell for Workman Nydegger who explains the stages by which copyright in the USA came to be "life of the author + 70 years" and how creators no longer have to register and re-register in order to protect their intellectual property from prematurely entering the public domain.

For anyone who missed the ruling in the case of the infamous poultry-related TRO attempt:

Also, for an excellent example of how IP lawyers argue and back up their case, this is a "thing of beauty":
Of topical interest, Joy R. Butler  of the Law Office of Joy R. Butler explains "When Another Company Duplicates Your Tagline".

One wonders how many authors have taglines but have never registered a trademark on them! Something to consider, for authors is that one seldom puts taglines on cover art... however, one might use it on websites and blogs, as well as in signature files, on bookmarks and letterheads.
Finally, The Copyright Alliance is calling on all creators to speak up (to their Congress persons) in support of HR 3945 the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act.

Twitter topic tags for those who like to tweet are #MyCASE4Copyright  and #MySkillsPayBills.

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