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A Very Cool Development: Kraith in New York Magazine

A Very Cool Development:
Kraith in New York Magazine
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

 Kraith Collected was mentioned in New York Magazine in March 2015.

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Kraith is the alternate universe I created for my Star Trek fan fiction.  Each of the main Kraith stories that I wrote illustrates one or another writing lesson -- many of which I try to pass on in this blog series.

Kraith is about Spock -- and it has been said that Vulcan itself is the hero of the story. 

A while back, Professor Anne Jamison asked me for an essay for her compendium, FIC: WHY FAN FICTION IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD, and I sent her a long essay which she had to condense (did a great job of that).  Now she's teaching a course on Fan Fiction using that book and New York Magazine did an article about FIC. 

Kraith, which I mentioned and explained in my article in FIC, is used in Prof. Jamison's syllabus for the Princeton University course Prof. Jamison is teaching.  I explained some of the connection between Sime~Gen and Kraith, the sources of inspiration and what was added to create something new.

You can find the syllabus here.
www.fanfiction.princeton.edu People can also log on as guests at www.blackboard.princeton.edu and search for "fanfiction" to access the complete syllabus and follow along with the course

Or you can read Kraith for free here:

Like Star Trek, the Sime~Gen universe has spawned more words of fan fiction than ever were professionally published.

The Sime~Gen publisher is releasing a compendium of Sime~Gen fiction soon, but you can read other stories for free online:

Keep in mind that, although you will find it said all over the internet, I did not 'come out of' Star Trek fan fiction -- I was selling professionally way before I placed my first non-fiction article with a Star Trek fanzine which was before I started writing Kraith stories as homework for a writing course.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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  1. How super cool to see fanfic -- especially yours -- recognized in mainstream media!