Sunday, September 14, 2014

Artists' Rights Are Human Rights

Authors, Musicians, Artists, Photographers and other "creators" have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the impact that intellectual property has on the arts.  But only until September 15th 2014.

For those who do not have the time to do more than sign a generic petition about the importance of ensuring that artists are able to profit from their work and are not exploited without choice or compensation for the financial gain of others in a "sharing" economy, the copyright alliance has created a petition.

The offset box is where you write in whether you are an artist, musician, author etc.

Please make your voices heard!

All the best,
Rowena Cherry


  1. Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME (the novel) uses a fantasy premise (a town is trapped under a transparent dome, and the community's cohesion quickly deteriorates) partly to depict a situation analogous to post-9-11 America, in which a supposed state of emergency -- fear of terrorism -- is used to justify extraordinary government measures. In UNDER THE DOME, the local politician Big Jim plays the role of a government leader using a state of emergency to grab power. The TV series doesn't depict this analogy so clearly, if at all, because Big Jim has been changed into a much less horrible person.

  2. Aargh. This comment was supposed to go on Jacqueline's post. If there's a way to delete it, I don't see it. Sorry.