Sunday, February 02, 2014

Depravity, Intuit, and Superbowl Ads

Why did Goldieblox win a $4 million dollar Superbowl ad, plus priceless plugging on Fox and CNBC?

Was it absolute proof that the majority of Americans approve of copyright infringement? Was it proof that rules don't matter? I think so, and I find it profoundly depressing for all artists everywhere.

It seems to me that Goldieblox shamelessly exploited The Beastie Boys and the American legal system for publicity, profit, and in order to win a valuable contest. As you want their advert on the superbowl tonight, reflect on the precedent.

Any alleged copyright infringer or alleged plagiarist can now, with impunity, sue any author, movie maker, musician, photographer, model or other intellectual property rights owner to PREVENT the author, movie maker, photographer etc from asserting lawful copyright remedies under the law, and in doing so, can gain sufficient fame and approbation among the freetard populace to win valuable online contests run by Big Tech.

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