Thursday, June 28, 2012

EPIC E-Book Competitions

EPIC’s (the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) annual e-book competition started a couple of weeks ago. The deadline for entry is July 15, and some categories are still very low on entries. They are:

  • PO - Poetry
  • SS - Short story
  • F10 - Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction
  • R04 - Horror Romance
  • R08 - Spiritual/Metaphysical Romance

    If you’ve had an e-book in one of these genres published between June 1, 2011, and May 31, 2012, consider entering the contest.

    Also, EPIC’s Ariana cover art competition for this year has a shortage of entries in many categories:

  • A- Children/Young Adult
  • B- Erotica
  • D- General Fiction/NonFiction
  • E- Historical
  • F- Horror
  • G- Mystery/Adventure
  • I- Science Fiction/Futuristic
  • J- Spiritual/Metaphysical

    Here’s the page with all the information on rules and how to enter:

    EPIC E-Book Competitions

    Margaret L. Carter

    Carter's Crypt
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    1. The Farris Channel, my 2012 original novel, is in the EPIC competition as a Paranormal -- but the truth is it does not fit any of the categories exactly, though some have said on Facebook that it's a winner.