Sunday, April 01, 2012


EFF (the Electronic Freedom Foundation) shared the following today, April 1st 2012.

Google's New "Nude View" Program Raises Privacy Concerns

Privacy advocates are calling foul on a new partnership between Google and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that would index the backscatter x-ray images taken at airline security checkpoints. "This will help singles get a first look even before the first date," said a Google spokesman. "Google Nude View," as the program is called, represents the first major initiative for the company since it changed its venerable slogan from "Don't Be Evil" to "Mwahahaha!"

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Considering that Google has published aerial photographs of bending back yard gardeners' posterior cleavages,
and persons going about private business in the supposed privacy of their enclosed gardens (such as deterring pestiferous herbivores by scent-marking their shrubberies), this backscatter story makes sense.

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