Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Hyper-tasking gene

While recording my "Space Pirates" internet radio show last Tuesday (which will go out over the air live this coming Tuesday June 9th, and which can also be heard free in the archives of David Lee Summers mentioned his "hyper-tasking" gene.

I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

David Lee Summers suggests that some humans may have such a gene which would enable them to perform at comparable levels with aliens, even if they lacked the life experience and training of the aliens.

On Saturday, I happened to be watching the interviews with the racing drivers who did best in qualifying for the Grand Prix today. They all had eyes like Target logos, with dark circles round the outer rim of the iris.

I'm using that as a marker....

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  1. Oh, I believe it and I think the best candidates would be women.

    My husband's a pilot. Flying an aircraft requires multi-tasking. He says female pilots out-perform male pilots in this area easily.

    Makes sense. Throughout their lives, women are called upon to carry out a huge variety of tasks all at the same time. We're hardwired for it!