Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eyes On The Future

Car Designers start with a respect for the past when they envisage the future. That is one reason why the G.M. Heritage Center is important.

If you know where you (or a brand) came from, and you can plot the evolution to the way things look today, you have a much better chance of projecting how things will look in the future.

Today --my today-- was taken up with preparing for, and then interviewing a man I have the honor of calling a friend: Dr Philip Hessburg, head of the Detroit Institute of Opthalmology

When you write science fiction, you try to imagine what our world will be like in the future. Reading Scientific American, and Discovery Magazine helps. So does listening to the great and visionary minds of our time, such as those of Dr Larry Burns of General Motors, and Dr Philip Hessburg of the Detroit Institute of Opthalmology.

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