Monday, May 04, 2009

What Authors Do Besides Write

Yes, I've been absent the past two Mondays. I can't even blame it on my deadline (which still looms menacingly). I was at RT which is author shorthand for the most fun you can have with your clothes on. RT is the annual Romantic Times BOOKlovers Convention, this year in Orlando, FL. About 250 authors and 1000 readers, editors, agents, librarians and booksellers get together to make merry and swap stories for a week.

Male cover models also make an appearance. Cover art is a large part of the book industry so it's no surprise that guys compete for these coveted modeling jobs. Some, like Fabio or John D'Salvo make careers of it. Most use it as a springboard for acting jobs in soaps, ads or movies.

However at this RT, decidely one of the most popular of the boys was a real boy: nine month old Jack Browne, courtesy of his mommy, author Isabo Kelly. Jack participated in last year's RT in Pittsburg, via, um, the womb. Isabo was the "pregnant Ninja lady" at the Intergalactic Bar & Grille Party. But this year Jack was a shining star all his own.

So here's to a future Mr. Romance and starship captain!
And of course, the rest of the convention went something like this:
(below): Me, authors Bonnie Vanak and Stacey Kade:

(L to R above) Starships and Sorcery Panel: Leanna Renee Heiber, Linnea Sinclair, Stacey Kade, Isabo Kelly
(Below) Authors Cindy Holby (Colby Hodge) and Stacey Kade

Above: Shades of Dark wins the RT Reviewers' Choice Award!

Linnea Sinclair
// Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//
Available Now from Bantam: Hope's Folly

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  1. Linnea, those pictures are great. Isabo's boy is a doll.