Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixed Metaphors and other inspiration

I meant to take questions... but forgot. My apologies. I've been deeply wrapped up in writing articles for a new authors' marketing and promotion advice website

My first three topics were, Tips for Creating Buzz, and Online Piracy.

In the course of my peregrinations around the social networks, I saw a mixed metaphor that had originally been used in a business context, and which was being mocked as horrible writing.

"We're skating on thin ice. If we're not careful, we'll end up in hot water."

Being the contrarian and underdog lover that I am, I immediately started to imagine an alien world where the metaphors could work together. It's the moon Europa that is an ice planet with water underneath. Right?

It would only take a submarine volcano...

Actually, we wouldn't have to go to Europa. Imagine a volcano under the Arctic. Poor polar bears. Alas for the Russians if they started to drill for oil in the wrong spot, just to stake a claim.

The other bit of text that going me going was a url that I enjoyed so very much that I had to make a joke on .

Yesterday, I noticed that the punctuation on the url has been changed to thereby thwarting a storyline I was considering where my Prince Thor-quentin might visit the offices hoping to acquire a gift to take home to his brother. Actually, it doesn't thwart it, as long as the old url was in use in 1995.

Best wishes for everyone's safety this Memorial Day weekend!

Rowena Cherry
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  1. *G* Rowena, I have a friend who lives in Fairbanks, AK. He tells me that every winter, some bright souls (pl.) in SUVs or on snowmachines run over hot springs and crash through the ice while out racing on the river which runs through the middle of the town. Maybe it isn't a mixed metaphor at all, but only the Darwin Awards in action.