Monday, March 16, 2009

Perky Author has Run Out of Perky


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It's more than deadline brain. My beloved cat, Daq, goes for a tumor (bladder) biopsy Wednesday. Daq is "Tank the furzel" in my GAMES OF COMMAND. He and his little buddy, Miss Doozy, are my constant companions, but where Doozy is stand-offish, Daq is on my desk, at my feet, by my side, 24/7. I can't imagine how parents cope when their children face a diagnosis of cancer. The past few days have been, quite honestly, horrible. And since it will take over a week for the pathology report to come back in, it appears as if horrible may hang around for a bit yet.

Yes, I'm still writing the book on deadline but it's really not much more than throwing words on the screen. I just keep plowing through it and hope by the time edits happen, things will be better.

So that's the scoop. Daq-cat is in for a rough haul the next few weeks and my primary focus is to be by his side as he's been by mine. Which means the creative muse has taken a hike. Perky author has run out of perky.

But prayers are good. Hugs all, ~Linnea & Daq & Miss Doozy


  1. That's what I said somewhere in these writing craft posts -- the professional sags, drags, melts down, but keeps making words.

    That's what an OUTLINE is for -- when (not if) "life" happens and you can't think, then any words you make with dead-brain will be easily fixable because you aren't introducing digressions from the outline.

    You know what has to happen in a given chapter. Later, you can craft the words. Just keep plugging.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  2. ((((Linnea & Daq-cat)))). Keeping you and your Mom in my prayers.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this. Having a cat with cancer is pretty rough.

    I hope you caught it in time for treatments to work well, and not be too hard on him. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  4. Thoughts and prayers coming from here.

  5. Petitions to the PTB for both you and Daq-cat have been said here at Shadow's Hold.