Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what to do with ARCs

All right readers,
I want to tap into your creativity. Tor just sent me lots of advanced reading copies for Dancing With Fire my July romantic suspense. It costs me about $3 to mail each one. I'm look for ideas of what to do with them to promote my book that don't cost a fortune. Whoever comes up with the best idea will get a free copy! So think like an author. Where can I mail these books in bulk to let readers know this is a story worth buying?

You see it's not all about writing and selling a book. Authors have to do promotions too! I just tried to upload my cover but for some odd reason, the internet turned my cover blue! So if you want to see it go to and go to future books.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, Solar Heat is in stores now. If you haven't bought a copy, what are you waiting for???????????

Susan Kearney


  1. Well, I don't read Romantic Suspense (except Jana Deleon, but her humor just kills me,) so I wouldn't be the best blogger for this idea. However, here it is.

    I assume you know your audience, so you must know bloggers (MySpace would probably work too) out there who are crazy about Romantic Suspense. Find the one with the highest traffic and ask her to do a contest for you. If she does reviews, great. If not, just a good showing of the synopsis will do. Award an ARC to each commenter. If they love it, they'll run out and tell everyone they know (okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration.) They'll do this because they liked it, but also because the contest was fun and they enjoyed interacting with you on-line. Best of luck!

  2. A spin on Kimber An's suggestion is ask bloggers who do author interviews if you can pop buy for a day and those that visit get a chance to win an arc. Let the blogger ask questions or just stop in for questions from bloggers and then randomly pick a winner.
    Another idea would be ask if anyone has a reading group or review group and see if people would be willing to review it. Local libraries and see if they have reading groups. If so see if they would be willing to take a couple of ARC's and review it for you.
    Also local newspapers will review books and stories if you drop by they would have an editoral department that might do it.
    Just some ideas!

  3. I had similar ideas about blogs etc. as the previous two posters :(
    One they didn't mention though was possibly getting them taken to a romance convention and have them handed out to people there. Not sure how it would work, as I personally haven't been to one, but I know that authors are always looking for unusual handouts for them and an ARC of your book would certainly be unusual! (oh and there would be no postage to worry about ;)