Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What do you want from our blog?

I'm a sometimes forgetful blogger. I tend to blog when I have a book out. And yes, Solar heat hit the stores this week. But what I'd like to ask readers is why do you read blogs? Do you want to hear about our books? About our lives? About how we think? Because I never know what to blog about. As much as I like Solar Heat, I wrote it a long time ago. So long that I don't recall details. And the new book I'm writing now won't be out for a long time. So what kinds of blogs do you like? Why do you read them? Do you ever buy books because of blogs, book videos, or covers?

I love to put up pictures on my blogs. Do you like those? Are you looking for information about authors? How we write? What we think? Industry news? I'm curious because Wednesday is my day and invariably I wonder what interests you.

So tell me. What do you want from us? What do you like best? What don't you like at all? Why do you come back here?
Susan Kearney


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM EST

    I read blogs for entertainment, but also to learn about books. I would love to read more posts about industry/behind the scenes/news as well as craft.

    I'd love to hear more about what authors/books influenced you and the other Alien Romances members (and it's been done to an extent, but more is always welcome).

    Maybe invite questions so visitors can learn more about the authors/industry? Posts with tips on writing genre fiction in today's market? I'm just brainstorming off the top of my head.

    Pictures are always fun! Links to other articles usually pique my interest.

    Here's a question I've been wondering about but haven't researched yet: What is the origin of the term "futuristic," especially as it applies to romances? Who coined it and why? What's the culture behind it? Stuff like that intrigues this blog visitor.


    clara bow

  2. I love reading blogs to get information from authors who have been writing for a while. I love hearing how they think through and work through plotting, character sheets and scenes. I love to hear the ups and downs of the business and what to expect.
    I also enjoy getting to know the authors better and I do that throught their blogs! I also love hearing about their books and when they are coming out ;)

  3. I love to read about other novels even though I don't need to buy them anymore. I request ARCs which I review on my blog.

    When I come to Alien Romance I'm hoping to learn something unique to this sub-genre. I don't want to hear about the Heat Level of those novels. Most romance novels are hot - big whooptie-do. What I want to know about is what Jacqueline calls the 'Intimate Adventure' of the story. Sex is just another drug without love. If an author can carry off the Intimate Adventure the physical intimacy of the novel is powerful, regardless. For example, Susan Grant's next release, MOONSTRUCK, is a bit graphic for my tastes, but the Heroine is mature, an admiral, and has major scar tissue on her soul. She's got a huge Intimate Adventure to go on and I can't wait to read it, especially after Jacqueline's review.

    Sure, I'd love to read more columns which help me grow as a writer too. I've already learned so much from Jacqueline that I can't begin to thank her enough.

  4. I like to hear about books you are writing. Where do you get your ideas?
    I am interested in what books you are reading.

  5. If you enjoy hearing about what books authors are reading, you might like my newsletter. I include mini-reviews of several books that have sparked my interest in each monthly issue of the newsletter. Here's the URL to subscribe:

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  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. Very interesting. And all of you read blogs for different reason. But I think Clara, gave me an idea. How if I take Wednesdays to answer questions about the industry? Or writing? I'm not into snarky, entertaining answers as much as getting out good information that people could put to good use.

    Appreciate the idea. I may try it and see what kind of response we get!

  8. Anonymous11:21 AM EST

    >How if I take Wednesdays to answer questions about the industry? Or writing?

    I'm so there! I don't always pop up in the comments here, but I visit frequently. I'll keep a look out! thanks!