Tuesday, August 01, 2006

World Science Fiction Convention


Congratulations Linnea -- Gabriel's Ghost is an absolute favorite of mine!

At LAConIV, (http://www.laconiv.org/ ) the World Science Fiction convention for 2006 in Anaheim California, there will be a significant presence of the EPIC organization (professional e-book writers), and Sime~Gen will probably be sharing party space with EPIC and perhaps some other groups. That's a Friday night party.

The convention's focus is on Hollywood, TV and film, as SF. Although not blatantly mentioned, I think you all can discern the AR slant beneath my panel assignments (15 - 90min panels in 4 work-days; plus the usual extra appointments for a Worldcon).

The opportunities to talk about Intimate Adventure, especially as AR, abound among these subjects -- Buffy is AR with a Vampire (or two), Fandom today writes AR online, Y.A. was the first to explore AR, Tarot archetypes are ABOUT AR (bondings with the "other"), Revising is where you add the Romance layer into plots from other genres, the three programs about alien invasion really fell short for lack of Relationship (nevermind romance - they didn't have any good aliens!), Adapting for the Stage you have to focus on the Relationship dynamic because you can't do huge vistas and dogfights in space, Books That Should Be Filmed (well, Gabriel's Ghost tops my list), FANTASY is really not so military, even when it's all battles, it's usually more Relationship focused (i.e. Intimate Adventure), and of course the query letter can NOW reveal the AR at the core of the work!

Here are the panels they put me on (tentative first schedule). I also have jigsawed in there somewhere a 2-3 hour Writing Workshop session and other appointments as noted in previous blog posts here.

A total of 15 program items.
----------------------------------------Panel 1: Wed 8/23 2:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: BUFFY THE MASTERS THESIS Participants: Lorien Gray James P. Hogan Nancy Holder(M) Jacqueline Lichtenberg
----------------------------------------Panel 2: Wed 8/23 4:00 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: STAR TREK FANDOM TODAY Participants: Jacqueline Lichtenberg Marah Searle-Kovacevic(M) Lee Whiteside
----------------------------------------Panel 3: Wed 8/23 5:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: ISN'T Y.A. A GOOD THING? Participants: Hilari Bell James Frenkel Jacqueline Lichtenberg Catherine S. McMullen Sherwood Smith(M)
----------------------------------------Panel 4: Thu 8/24 10:00 AM, 60-90 minutes. Title: THE TAROT & WRITING Participants: Steve Englehart(M) ElizaBeth Gilligan Jacqueline Lichtenberg Kevin Andrew Murphy
----------------------------------------Panel 5: Thu 8/24 11:30 AM, 60-90 minutes. Title: REVISE, REVISE, REVISE! Participants: Peter S. Beagle James Patrick Kelly(M) Kay Kenyon Jacqueline Lichtenberg Louise Marley
----------------------------------------Panel 6: Thu 8/24 2:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: THE "SURFACE" OF AN "INVASION" IS AT THE "THRESHOLD" Participants: Michael Cassutt Scott Edelman(M) Jacqueline Lichtenberg
----------------------------------------Panel 7: Thu 8/24 4:00 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: BRITISH SF TELEVISION TODAY Participants: Paul Cornell(M) Simon R Green Jacqueline Lichtenberg Scott Alan Woodard
----------------------------------------Panel 8: Thu 8/24 5:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: ADAPTING SF AND FANTASY FOR THE STAGE . Participants: Janet Wilson Anderson Brian Coghill Steve Collins Jacqueline Lichtenberg William Shunn(M)
----------------------------------------Panel 9: Fri 8/25 10:00 AM, 60-90 minutes. Title: HOW STAR TREK AFFECTED OUR LIVES Participants: Jane Espenson Jacqueline Lichtenberg Wendy Pini
----------------------------------------Panel 10: Fri 8/25 11:30 AM, 60-90 minutes. Title: BOOKS THAT SHOULD BE FILMED Participants: Michael Cassutt Jacqueline Lichtenberg Fiona Patton(M) Mary A. Turzillo Frank Wu
----------------------------------------Panel 11: Fri 8/25 4:00 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: KEEPING STAR TREK ALIVE Participants: Linda Deneroff Devra Langsam Jacqueline Lichtenberg Marah Searle-Kovacevic(M)
----------------------------------------Panel 12: Fri 8/25 5:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: A PROUD AND LONELY THING Participants: Linda Deneroff(M) Devra Langsam Jacqueline Lichtenberg
----------------------------------------Panel 13: Sun 8/27 10:00 AM, 60-90 minutes. Title: WHAT IS IT ABOUT BUFFY? Participants: Peter S. Beagle Jane Espenson Jacqueline Lichtenberg Lee Martindale(M)
----------------------------------------Panel 14: Sun 8/27 1:00 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: WHY ISN'T IT MILITARY FANTASY? Participants: David Friedman James Hay(M) John G. Hemry Jacqueline Lichtenberg
----------------------------------------Panel 15: Sun 8/27 2:30 PM, 60-90 minutes. Title: THE QUERY LETTER Participants: Jean-Noel Bassior(M) Hilari Bell Jacqueline Lichtenberg Mary A. Turzillo

-----------------end program ---------------------
Live Long and Prosper,
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  1. Wow! What a line up. I'd love to be able to attend--sorry to miss this. One of these years...! But I know you'll do us WAY proud, JL! Can't wait for your report from AFTER. ~Linnea