Saturday, July 01, 2006

Making it up as I go

The one truly cool thing about writing in this genre is that you get to make things up. The hard part about that is making sure that the reader understands what it is you're saying.

So I try to come up with creative names for metal since I figure that in the future that technology would advance. Also new slang is always fun, especially since I try to keep the cursing to a minimum in my books. My mom is going to read them. The latest wip has a new put down for my characters to call each other in exasperation. After all they are brother and sister so it's not as if they call each other sweetie and darling.

Joss Whedon is really good at this. In Firefly his characters cussed in Chinese and had great slang. I thought the entire thing was "Shiny"

But the best thing the my creative juices have invented is the Murlaca. Yep, even made up the name. The Murlaca was introduced in Stargazer and is a gladiator type match fought between two men. Their only weapons are a series of hooked blades that they wear on their forearms and use to slash each other to pieces. The government uses the Murlaca to assasinate its criminals. My evil race of witches, the Circe uses the Murlaca to get rid of their enemies and in Phoenix, my current work, my two heroes will wind up unknowingly fighting each other in a death match.

Its all kind of bloody. But I'd love to see it on the big screen.

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  1. Colby,
    I love the way you've called your witches the Circe!
    It ties in subtly with Greek mythology for those who like to make connections.

    Which reminds, who was it who chose to write a brilliant, modern version of the Arthurian legend, but made Merlin not a name but a title?

    Anyway, cool post, great thoughts!

    Best wishes,
    Rowena Cherry