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Crossing the (Edge) Line

Apparently, crossing the edge line pavement marking is discouraged, but it is not illegal. That unbroken white line on the right side of the motorway, between the "slow" lane and the rumble strip or the area where you might pull off to the side if stopped by a policeman is primarily there to help drivers in bad weather know where the edge of the road is.

To find out more than you ever wanted to know about Edge Lines and other painted lines on roadways and pavements, look here:

Good to know. Why am I telling you this? 

Well, it is always good to know your rights. One might be pulled over for crossing that white line if a patrol officer suspects that one is driving "impaired" or "distracted". However, that might not be the worst of it.

What happens when blues and twos appear in your rear view mirror? You pull off, and might have to brake quite heavily, not of course to brake check the officer, but if the side of the road is running out of room.

Unbeknowst to most, your car might chalk up that swerving and braking and leaving the road to horrible driving, it might report your behavior indirectly to your insurance agent, and your insurance premiums might go up.

Catalina Sanchez of the Electronic Freedom Foundation gives her own examples of tricky driving, and explains how car makers surveill their customers and sell the results of their snooping to data brokers and insurance companies.

I think that that crosses the line!

Earlier in the spring, another EFF blogger, Thorin Klosowski, wrote a very good guide to figuring out what your car knows about you, and how to opt out of as much creepy surveillance as possible.

By the way, that organization appears to be fund raising, and any link to any of their articles may default to a sign-up-and-give page. Just try again, you can read the good stuff without paying. How hypocritical it would be of EFF if it were any other way!

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