Sunday, November 13, 2022

Emails Are Forever, Forever, Forever

The best line of the week in all the copyright-related legal blogs (in my sole opinion) was that from Charlotte K, Newell who wrote, "Emails, like diamonds, are forever."
By the way, emails may also be subject to copyright. An alien romance author (or any other genre of author) cannot take other people's emails and weave them into an epistolary novel. Publish someone else's email, and one might be sued just as much as if one publishes someone else's letter.

Slightly off topic, and by the way, the Lulu blog has a really good article of advice to authors on avoiding a defamation lawsuit.

The self-publishing school has another helpful article specifically for authors of memoirs --but it might also apply to alien romance authors-- written by Chandler Bolt.
This is all getting away from the imperishability of emails, and the reference to James Bond film theme songs sung by Shirley Bassey.
Charlotte K. Newell, blogging for the law firm Sidley Austin LLP, discusses the importance of using the appropriate email address for correspondence (legal or otherwise) if there is a future possibility that one might be involved in a lawsuit and need to claim attorney-client privilege.

Authors who have a day job might take note.

The Who -or Whose-, What, Why, and How of intellectual property and emails generated during the work day as regards New Zealand law are comprehensively discussed by legal bloggers Joseph Harrop and Helena Scholes of the NZ lawfirm Lane Neave.

"In a world where content is king, intellectual property (IP) rights rule supreme. So, a key question in the employment relationship relates to when these rights arise and who is entitled to them. This article discusses the what, why, who and when of copyright in employment relationships."

Write or draw something while at work, on the clock for someone else, and it might not be yours.

The article focuses on New Zealand law, and on precautions that the employer should take, but it is always good to know.
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