Sunday, June 26, 2022

Strip Mining Art

Today's title is inspired by an article by Jon of, in which he compares the treatment of certain copyright owners to a highly efficient, and environmentally ruthless method of exploiting Earth's buried treasures... treasures that are covered with streams and trees and habitat.

For authors, the most obvious defence against predators of the literary world is to read publishing contracts carefully, and perhaps turn away from an obviously bad contract.

Authors Guild members might want to mark their calendars for this coming Wednesday, June 29th, and register for a seminar for members on Book Contracts 101. 
Victoria Strauss has an exceptionally helpful article about contradictory contracts on her Writer Beware blog.
She also has a timeless (apparently) article about a behemoth of the entertainment industry that might very well (although she does not say so) be compared to some kind of IP strip miner, as it buys up properties but is alleged to not honor the contracts associated with those properties.
Legal blogger Graeme Murray of the law firm Marks & Clerk  discusses a copyright infringement lawsuit by a "David" of a plaintiff against a different film-making Goliath regarding the release of Top Gun: Maverick, sequel to Top Gun after the original license to the Top Gun story was terminated, as is permitted after thirty-five years.

It is interesting reading.

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Graeme Murray of Marks & Clerk also presents very good IP advice for writers and creators of popular characters and worlds, whether comic book or magical beings that movie makers and theme parks might eventually want to exploit.

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And so to  music and the streaming thereof, and the alleged ripping off of musicians in our time.

Jon writes:

"Now... in the age of streaming music, the connection between making music and making a living is profoundly broken." 

Also, for historical context, look here.  

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