Sunday, January 09, 2022

Word Nerd Day

Today, January 9th (Sunday) is a day to celebrate word-nerdiness.    

Word to the wise: if you see some apparently verbose and pretentious use of English in Op Eds today,  pause before beclowning yourself with a snarky comment. The author might be celebrating word nerd day.. as am I.

The Weather Channel celebrated strange and powerful words for wind, this morning: Haboob, and Derecho.

My new word of the day is anosmia, ( loss of sense of smell).

Someone I know tells me that she has lost her sense of taste and smell since getting her 3 Pfizer jabs. (The jabs, not the virus). Dining is reduced to routine mastication, which might be helpful if one wishes to lose weight.

Apologies for brevity. 

All the best,

Rowena Cherry 

EPIC Award winner, Friend of ePublishing


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