Sunday, September 27, 2020


Is October a "Go To" month?  

Savvy authors is running a pitchfest in October

If you don't have a work of fiction to "pitch", perhaps you should "Get To It" and write one. National Novel Writing month (NaNoWriMo) is just a month away, and many writers use October to prep.

Writing coach Jerry Jenkins offers advice, inspiration, and challenging insights, such as that fewer than 1 in 1000  unsolicited manuscripts receive a traditional publishing contract.

Agreement between political opponents is a bright spot, like the gleam of a tooth in the shadow of a hooded villain's cowl (a Star Wars simile). Apparently, Trump and Biden perceive the unseen dangers of Tik Tok.

Authors Guild might be the go to place for shining a light on bad actors, not in the Hollywood sense, but in the alarming ways that one strongly opinionated rogue lawyer might very well change copyright laws all by himself, without an act of the legislative body.

Authors Guild  takes on the American Law Institute's "restatement" of copyright, written to increase misunderstanding of copyright law to detriment of authors

Allegedly, this Sith Lord of a lawyer has truly insidious ways of undermining that which he professes to "clarify". To quote the Authors Guild:

"But there are other areas where this bias is not so subtle, such as where a minority view is adopted over a majority view that favors copyright protection, or where a new rule is made up by the reporters and inserted as if it were law, and where the interests of copyright owners are disregarded..."

Also worth going out of your way to read, is an older guest blog by CopyrightAlliance president Keith Kupferschmid

And Mary Rasenberger, CEO of Authors Guild had a stirring post on fighting ebook piracy which boils down to The Trouble With Safe Harbor.... and with the lawyers and judges who interpret what Safe Harbor means

Now for something completely different and disturbing.

Art Law: selfie taker breaks priceless toes (which are not his own).

If you are going to go to a museum or art gallery, do not pose on top of the art work. It's beyond selfish.

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