Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Ignorance of Podcasters

Back in the heyday of MySpace, many authors (not this one), played current musical singles in full one their MySpace pages without paying any royalties and without seeking any kind of permission or license from the famous musicians.

MySpace, allegedly, made it possible to play John Legend (for example) on their pages, so site owners assumed that MySpace had the rights covered.

Maybe, if you are reading this and have a long-forgotten MySpace presence, you should check your old page and see if you still could be infringing a musician's rights.

Legal blogger, David Oxenford, for the Broadcast Law Blog has a couple of salutary posts that are well worth reading for podcasters and site owners.


As George Harrison sang with such prescience, but not with reference to authors and the need to create compelling and attractive promotions: "You Know It Don't Come Easy."

Meanwhile, authors on the internet should be cautious of gaining a following by saying mean things about others.
It's interesting to say mean things, of course, and may get one a following.

But, as Charlie Smith wrote recently for, defamation suits can be profitable for the defamed, especially in the truly English speaking world (that is, not in America!)

Also as City News Service reports:

Happy Mothers' Day!

Rowena Cherry 

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