Sunday, September 01, 2019

Big, Big Theft

Happy long Labor Day weekend!

As some of us celebrate the honor and dignity of an honest day's hard work, and a workman's desire for fewer days of hard work, spare a thought for hard working individual authors, artists, musicians, photographers, songwriters and film makers who give so much to our culture... perforce.

The first six large-font, double-spaced (therefore easy reading) pages of a well-written complaint against Spotify do the heavy lifting in showing how Big Money, Big Government, and Big Tech conspire to rip off song writers and musicians.

The rights owners at Wixen Music Publishing have a similar problem with Pandora, which is allegedly publishing and distributing lyrics apparently without any knowledge as to whether or not their alleged source has the rights to provide those lyrics.

(Aside for authors: it is not a good idea to quote lyrics.)

Lyrics to a song are similar to captions for an audio book.  Having the rights to play a sound track does not necessarily confer the rights to generate accompanying text.  Allegedly, Amazon also is into that kind of thievery.

There is also, of course, petty, petty theft in which Everyman, his/her/their family members and his/her/their dog is engaged when it comes to photographers', actors', and film makers' rights....

Lastly, little things add up to something major when it comes to the loose and lawless Internet Of Things.  As legal bloggers Cameron Abbott and Karla Hodgeson, writing for K&L Gates warn, many of those smart devices in your homes are back doors for interlopers who want your data.

Apparently, The Fancy Bear is a big, big cyber thieving problem!

Happy days!

All the best,
Rowena Cherry 

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