Sunday, July 09, 2017

On Lying, Cheating, and Demonstrating

There is a legal blog delightfully named "The Persuasive Litigator" penned by Holland & Hart LLP

In June, following the Comey testimony, they posted about differences of perception concerning facts, and gave advice on how to avoid calling someone else a liar.

According to the persuasive litigator, a witness's own credibility may be doubted if that witness veers off the safe and narrow path of testifying only what they know to be true.  The examples of courtroom dialogue might be useful to alien romance authors looking for inspiration for a civilized interrogation scene.

Chris Castle of MusicTechPolicy writes more about the continued wholly legal abuse of the rights of music copyright owners.

One wonders why either Congress or the Copyright Office does not close this loophole immediately. And why foreign governments do not demand action. Sometimes, Luddites are right!

The Electronic Freedom Foundation is planning to demonstrate what the internet might look like if net neutrality is not protected.

To this author, it looks similar to the campaign against SOPA. Maybe using the internet for email and research would be faster and cheaper if we weren't all forced to subsidize the bandwidth hogs who visit pirate sites to watch illegally copied movies and read illegal copies of books over the internet.
But, this author might be a digital Luddite!

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