Sunday, April 02, 2017

Why You Should Ask Your Congresspersons To Vote "Yes" on H.R. 1695

H.R. 1695 is a Bill to modernize the U.S. Copyright Office.

If you wish to read the Bill that was introduced with bipartisan support on March 23rd, and which was sent to the floor of the House by a 27-1 vote in the Judiciary Committee... look here:

It appears that the one person who chose not to co-sponsor the Bill was Henry C. Johnson of Georgia

H.R. 1695 would take the office of The Register of Copyrights (the position that Maria Pallante held
until she was demoted by the Librarian of Congress, some say to manage the Library of Congress gift shop) away from the control of the Library of Congress.

If this Bill passes, The Register of Copyrights will be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Register shall be an American citizen, shall have experience in copyright matters, and shall serve for up to ten years at the pleasure of the President.

The and many other organizations are urging individual creators to write personally and individually to their Representatives, to ask their Representative to support H. R. 1695

Here's how to locate your Representative by typing in your own zip code:

More info from the here:

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