Saturday, August 08, 2015

It Was True In 2013 and Is Just As True Today (Digital Piracy)

This article by Chris Whitten was published by The Trichordist in 2013. 

It's about the politics of piracy.

The author makes an assertion about Australians, and I must confess, I have noticed Australian addresses when I have used GoDaddy's "WhoIs" search to discover the registration of sites that are allegedly pirating my books, such as

By now, "" should have prevailed upon their secretive clients to take down my works such as:

One wonders (at least, I wonder) why people can make a living --lawfully-- out of thwarting the ability of intellectual property owners to directly contact persons who are allegedly violating copyrights.

IMHO, EBay does the same thing. For how many years, I wonder, have EBay sellers been burning thousands of copyrighted ebooks onto CDs and DVDs (sometimes more than 69 times... why 69? Is it a magic number for erotica???) in collections such as this:

Does anyone really think that Nora Roberts, Patti O'Shea, Patricia Cornwell, Rachel Caine and others granted EBay sellers their copyrights and resale rights?  If I were to purchase this collection, I should not be at all surprised to discover some of my illegally created works in the batch... but if I were to complain, as I have done many times over the years for similar DVDs where I have bought them and found my works on them, EBay would not tell the purchasers, and the purchasers would in their turn sell the same ebooks. As for me, I would not even be allowed to post feedback informing the world that the seller had infringed my copyrights.

My best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

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