Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pirates, Scams, Credit Card Fraud... and Google Alerts

The top line, and the bottom line is.... if something looks too good to be true, it probably is not trustworthy.

I received a Google Alert for a free download of "Knight's Fork" and the only link, on the title, was a download to my desktop. Microsoft Word (and there probably ought to be a TM in there, apologies) asked me if I wanted to "open" or "save" it.

I did neither, of course. It was almost certainly 11KB of malware.

Using Yahoo and also Google searches, I tracked down the urls included in the "link location" which led me to a Hong Kong based site called "". I would not subscribe, if I were you. Google the name of the site plus keywords relating to "complaints" or "scams" etc. If you find that your book is there, I'm not even sure that I'd recommend sending a DMCA.

The trouble with the DMCA is that it forces honest, hardworking authors and other creative people who are being ripped off to give away far too much personally identifying information to people they have good reason to suspect are crooks.

See for yourself. This is what Google published and distributed to me. Unless you collect and study malware, I would not recommend trying to download the ebook. It was not created legally, in any case.


"Knight's Fork"
Daily update March 15, 2015


Knight's Fork
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