Sunday, September 22, 2013

Government Increases Support (albeit inadvertently) For Copyright Infringers

One of the few useful tools that authors and other copyright owners have if fighting the uphill battle to defend their copyrights is the WHOIS platform.

Often, owners of copyright-violating sites do not comply with the DMCA or Berne Treaties, and do not post the name and contact information of a copyright agent, whom copyright owners may contact in order to start the process of having copyrighted works removed from "sharing" sites.

Authors can visit WHOIS and discover either the information that should have been posted and wasn't, or else the contact information of the host of that site. Often, the host will take action and expedite matters.

Now, there is a proposal to deny access to WHOIS.

There may still be time to comment, for those who are interested.

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Rowena Cherry

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