Sunday, February 10, 2013

Assault On Copyright

"An economy built on the illegal exploitation of artists, is very simply an Exploitation Economy." Quoted from

If you are an individual author, or photographer, or songwriter, or musician, or artist, big business wants to change the law and the morality of the free world so that they can strip you of your copyrights, steal your works, and make money for themselves without paying you.

Nowhere have I seen the reality so clearly explained as on Read the Orphan Works series. Or check out the War On Authors posts.

We (copyright owners and creators) are being exploited, dissed, screwed, and called "greedy" while those who aggressively avoid paying authors are happy to pay very large sums of cash Google, Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon and dozens of other true fat cats.

My eyes have been widened as I read the articles on the trichordist blog in preparation for an interview with one of the trichodrist team for my Crazy Tuesday radio show. Every so often, I invite guests to talk about copyright, and this interview is going to be very interesting.

Meanwhile, noted sci fi author and president of SFWA John Scalzi has the liveliest of discussions taking place on his blog. Of especial interest (in my opinion)  is
and also

As many of Mr. Scalzi's correspondents speculate on the probability that Amazon's patent is purely motivated and benignly intended to prevent less ethical internet enterprises from ripping off authors and killing the market for new ebooks, I checked out Amazon’s Sell Your Stuff gateway page.
This is the link for anyone who wants to sell their used copy of Mr. Scalzi’s e-book A Voice In The Wilderness.

They can't. So, why is his ebook listed at all on the Sell Your Stuff pages? My ebook is also listed, and again the dotted lines are broken and there is therefore no box indicating that my ebook could be "re-sold". I am reassured to see that there is no indication at all that the illegal ebook versions of some of my paperbacks-- that never should have been created and offered for sale-- ever existed.

It should be noted that re-selling ebooks is apparently legal in the EEC. 
One should check   sell my stuff amazon co uk   also

So far, it seems reassuringly as if ebooks are not being sold by the general public to other members of the general public with no commission to the authors. 

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