Sunday, November 25, 2012

Google Mistakes And Conspiracy Theories As Inspiration

According to Huffington Post articles, there are new (CIA-built?) islands that exist, but do not officially exist, and sandy islands that exist on Google maps, but do not "really" exist when curious ship captains try to find them.|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D237724

One never knows what to believe in these days of photoshopping.... but inquiring minds could come up with explanations. A really big pod of green whales. A floating raft of green debris. A spaceship. A rising and falling caldera, similar to the one in Yellowstone only in the middle of a shallow part of the ocean instead of in a landlocked National Park. Something Dr. No. Or was it Moonraker?

If your own imagination fails, check out the Comments. There are a number of highly imaginative denizens on the internet who will comment on stories, and thanks to the rabid proponents of Privacy and a free internet, they could never be traced. So, their plot points for a potential speculative story are fair game, I should think.
One cannot copyright ideas, only the expression of ideas.

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Rowena Cherry


  1. I definitely recommend this technique of fueling up the imagination. I post many items on Google+ from "news" sources for just this reason, and my series on this blog titled Worldbuilding With Fire And Ice shows how to incorporate such "news" items from dubious sources into story components.

  2. Obviously these islands are cloaked under invisibility shields. Maybe they are alien bases. :)