Sunday, June 05, 2011

Alien Nations

Let me start with a disclaimer.
I write fiction, but I take inspiration from the world around me. It is never my intention to offend anyone*, and if I do so, it is not deliberate.

Have you ever remembered a time when we have been treated (if treated is the right word) to so many conspiracy theories and so much conflict? To so many ready-made plots for cyber-punk or alternate history or science fiction?

If Greece leaves the Eurozone, do you think Arizona or California might follow suit and secede from the USA? Might States with very large populations of immigrants who are not interested in integrating decide to become politically active and force a secession vote, perhaps to set up a new Hispanic homeland in this State, or a sovereign, Sharia-compliant State in that State.

It would be a case of American history repeating itself, but with the boot on the other leg.

Where undocumented immigrants are already here, and living unobtrusively, could they be compared to John Lithgow's "Third Rock" without the comedy? Or modern day Midwich Cuckoos without the hive mind?

Alien Nation dealt with the problems of integration, where America (I think it was America) struggled to assimilate homeless/exiled/asylum-seeking space aliens into society. I wonder what would have happened if that fictional America had simply donated a National Park so the friendly aliens could have a new homeland.

The recent talk about what a government shut down might mean (closing the National Parks) has me wondering what the cost is to the taxpayer of those glorious places, and what the return on investment is, and whether that prime real estate could be run equally well as a for-profit tourist attraction by someone or some nation other than the American government.

Homeland Security would have a fit, of course. But, what we prescribe as workable for others should work for us, too. No? Digressing for a moment, what's the deal with tearing down a perfectly good fence along a border because the agents would prefer to have it see-through? What's wrong with watch-towers? Besides, can you imagine the distress that someone with a mirror and a spray can could cause, if he wrote rude words or drew lewd cartoons on the Mexican side of the glass wall for Americans to see?

Since my thoughts have turned to the lowest of comedy, I will end here.

Rowena Cherry

That is, with the possible exception of unapologetic copyright infringers.

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  1. That would make an intersting story line...the US divided into 4 or 5 "new" countries according to majority nation of origin. Maybe even separate regions for "dog" people and "cat" people.
    The see-through fence does have great comedic potential...