Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Vampire Novella

I've just had a new erotic vampire romance, "Blood Hostage," published by Amber Quill:

Blood Hostage

A man from a long line of vampire hunters captures a female vampire in hopes that she'll help him rescue two young people from a homicidal rogue vampire. This is only my second vampire romance in which the woman constitutes the nonhuman half of the couple. (The other is "Night Flight" from Ellora's Cave.) Like the majority of paranormal romances, most of mine pair a human female with a nonhuman male. With vampires and werewolves in particular, the typical set-up in which the man plays the "alpha" role, stronger than the woman (at first glance, anyway), seems to fit the conventions of romance better when a human woman falls in love with a "monster." It all goes back to the "Beauty and the Beast" archetype. In "Night Flight" and "Blood Hostage," I had to reconcile the heroine's superhuman abilities with the need to keep the hero from looking weak by comparison.

Margaret L. Carter
Carter's Crypt

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