Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Sime-Gen Books

Exciting news! Here's a glowing example of the benefits of e-books and Print on Demand publishing: The Sime-Gen series by Jacqueline and her co-author, Jean Lorrah, is back in print—and electrons—from Wildside Press. Even more wonderfully, books their fans have been awaiting for years or decades have finally been released.

I just finished reading the long-anticipated TO KISS OR TO KILL, Jean's Sime-Gen romance set in the tumultuous period right after Unity, an excellent demonstration of the fact that the universe of the series can serve as a setting for fiction of any genre. Wildside has also published Jean's THE STORY UNTOLD, a compilation of stories about musical duo Zhag and Tonyo, major secondary characters in TO KISS OR TO KILL. This past Sunday I bought Jacqueline's never-before-published Sime-Gen novel, PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE.

In addition, other newly published books include a collection of Jacqueline's vampire fiction, THROUGH THE MOON GATE; a collection of her SF and fantasy stories, SCIENCE IS MAGIC SPELLED BACKWARD; and a volume of Jean's fantasy short pieces.

All these books are offered in Kindle format as well as trade paperback. Without e-publishing and POD, we might not have access to any of them.

Jacqueline, please tell us more about these new releases. I'd enjoy reading whatever you feel free to discuss about these works' long journey to publication.

Margaret L. Carter
Carter's Crypt

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  1. I've been offline and just found this wonderful commentary on Sime~Gen by Margaret Carter.

    I'm a little off-balance today because at 5AM we got a call from my daughter in Alabama (who is FINE, thank God!!!) before we flipped on the TV and heard about the hammering Alabama took. Just saw online, a map of where tornadoes hit in her area and they were all over the place, and in places I know she goes or works.

    My nerves are still sizzling from that, but my do-list for today was to write up a blog I have in mind to be posted in June -- and somewhere along the way I need to blog about Sime~Gen.

    I'm hard at work on finishing the long-awaited FARRIS CHANNEL -- not "First" which was Jean's story about the first Rimon Farris. This one is set a couple generations later and is about the person who becomes known to history as Rimon Farris, the founder of the House of Zeor.

    Here's where you can find a list of the paper and e-book editions that are new from Wildside Press:

    And here's where you can find a discussion group where I post updates on progress, new covers as they come out, and Jean gives other news -- oh, lots of news this year. We're trying to get together for Worldcon.

    I need to update but first finish the newest book, but first etc etc.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg