Thursday, August 12, 2010

EPIC's E-book Contest

EPIC, the primary e-publishing organization for authors and associated industry folks, needs more entries for its annual contest (formerly known as the EPPIES). It's open until August 15, so there's still time, but don't wait until the final day. For details, go to:


The links are on the right-hand sidebar. We have prizes for books in every genre and subgenre. Self-published e-books are eligible, as well as those previously released in print as long as the electronic version was originally published within the eligibility period for this year. Please spread the word.

Winners will be announced at the annual EPIC conference in March, this year to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia (home of my alma mater).

Big things are happening in the e-publishing realm. Have you heard about the recent development with Dorchester? They're shifting to a strictly e-book plus POD trade paperback distribution model. The news makes me feel good about having gotten in on the ground floor of what's suddenly the latest and greatest in our field. (My vampire novel DARK CHANGELING won an award in the Horror category in 2000, the first year the EPPIES were awarded.)

Margaret L. Carter
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