Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Programming Note

Visitors may have wondered why we have 6 wonderful examples of alien romance cover art in our right hand sidebar.

That's because the six of us are donating those novels to one winner who visits our site in a special event in honor of sfr (science fiction romance) organized by Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express that will take place on Sunday, December 6th 2009.

List of participating bloggers

List of authors

Author                              #Bks            Title                                                          

Nathalie Gray                   (4)         The complete Lycan Warriors series       Ebook                 
Leanna Renee Hieber       (1)            DARK NEST
Claire Delacroix               (2)            FALLEN & GUARDIAN
Jess Granger                     (2)            BEYOND THE RAIN
Karin Shah                        (1)            STARJACKED
Ann Somerville                 (1)            ON WINGS, RISING                            Ebook
Susan Grant                       (1)            MOONSTRUCK
Ann Aguirre                      (2)            WANDERLUST & DOUBLEBLIND
Katherine Allred                (2)            CLOSE ENCOUNTERS; CLOSE CONTACT (ARC)
Rowena Cherry                  (2)            FORCED MATE; KNIGHT’S FORK
Susan Kearney                   (1)            LUCAN
Jacqueline Lichtenberg      (1)            DUSHAU                                                           
Susan Sizemore                  (1)            DARK STRANGER            (AR)
Margaret L. Carter             (1)            FROM THE DARK PLACES (AR)
Linnea Sinclair                  (2)            GABRIEL’S GHOST & SHADES OF DARK plus HOPE’S FOLLY tote bag 
(Linnea will ship overseas)
Barbara Elsborg                (1)            LUCY IN THE SKY                   Ebook
Ella Drake                        (1)             FIRESTORM ON E’TERRA       Ebook

Total: 17                        Total: 26

TGE, Alien Romances, and Spacefreighters’ Lounge will all be giving away additional books.

Total # of books across all blogs:  30+

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